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Richard D.C. Schrade Jr. is a local attorney in McDonough, Georgia. Since 1985, Richard has assisted many individuals and families with criminal and family law matters. You can count on our well-respected GACDL lawyer to provide you with the straightforward and knowledgeable assistance you need for your case.

For family law matters, Richard is able to assist with a range of emotional family matters, including divorce, custody, juvenile work and visitation cases. We can also help with domestic violence cases. Richard Schrade Jr. provides criminal defense. From DUIs and other misdemeanors to serious felonies, he has decades of experience handling criminal cases and helping individuals fight for their rights.

You can put your trust in a McDonough, Henry County family lawyer who is compassionate and honest to guide you through your situation. He is also familiar with the local judges and their stances, which can make a difference with your case.

Whether you're dealing with a divorce or facing a drug charge, Richard D.C. Schrade Jr. is proud to represent and guide you during this demanding time. Let's get started on your case - schedule a time with a trusted family law and criminal defense lawyer right away by calling 770-898-2723.


Criminal Law in McDonough, GA

If you've been charged with a crime or you're currently the subject of an investigation by law enforcement, the law firm of Richard D.C. Schrade, Jr., Attorney may be able to offer some advice. Our law office is located in McDonough, GA, and we're here to address any questions you might have about criminal law.

We provide guidance for individuals who have been accused of sex crimes, drug-related offenses, and DUIs. Our lawyer will personally look into the claims that have been leveled against you, and your case will get the attention it requires. You deserve to know your rights and have a fair chance to defend them; that's where we come in.

DUI Law in McDonough, GA

Driving under the influence (DUI, also sometimes called DWI or OUI) is one of the most commonly committed crimes in the United States. Unfortunately, because this crime is so common, many people make the mistake of taking their DUI arrests lightly instead of seeking appropriate legal representation. If you've been charged with DUI in McDonough, GA, your first step should be to discuss your charges with a DUI lawyer like Richard D.C. Schrade, Jr., Attorney.

Sometimes good people make mistakes. However, if you're convicted of DUI, you could end up facing tough penalties such as jail time, loss of driving privileges, fines, or community service. Additionally, your insurance rates can be increased and you may even be shut out from some job opportunities due to your conviction.

Divorce Attorney in McDonough, GA

The legal issues that may arise during the end of a marriage can be difficult to handle on your own, but you can ask for the help of a divorce attorney. At the practice of Richard D.C. Schrade, Jr., Attorney, we provide insightful consultations to our clients. Our law firm is located in McDonough, GA, and you'll have the chance to ask for the representation of a lawyer who resides locally.

We offer counsel for people trying to make sense of the family law issues that often come up during a divorce proceeding. When you consult with us, our attorney will personally review your concerns and offer advice that's appropriate to your specific circumstances. If you're concerned you need to have a divorce attorney at your side to protect your rights, we'll be available to guide you through the process. We can also help you with child custody or child support cases. 

Drug Crimes Lawyer in McDonough, GA

Many drug-related crimes carry extremely heavy jail sentences and fines. If you are ever convicted of a drug crime, that conviction may stay on your record for the rest of your life and could affect your ability to get a job, a loan, or even an apartment. For this reason, any time you're facing drug crime charges or have been arrested for drug offenses, it's important that you take the time to consult with a drug crime defense lawyer who can give you a better understanding of the charges you are facing, your constitutional rights, and your legal options.

If you've been charged with a drug-related crime, contact Richard D.C. Schrade, Jr., Attorney to discuss your case with an understanding defense attorney.

Family Law in McDonough, GA

If you're currently going through a family law matter such as a divorce or a child custody battle, you already know how difficult it can be to keep your emotions in check. You may be having a hard time making decisions or reaching resolutions with your spouse, partner, or family member.

Richard D.C. Schrade, Jr., Attorney understands what you're going through and wants to reassure you that having such complex feelings during your legal matter is completely normal. After all, the decisions you make now will change your life for many years to come. For this reason, Richard D.C. Schrade, Jr., Attorney's goal is to offer you compassion during this tough time as well as legal services that help you reach peaceful resolutions.

Sex Crime Law Practice in McDonough, GA

It's no secret that sex crimes are considered particularly heinous offenses by the general public. For this reason, if you're accused of a sex crime, you may find that society considers you guilty until proven innocent. Due to this stigma and the consequences your charges can have on your day-to-day life, it's important that you obtain representation from an attorney.

Richard D.C. Schrade, Jr., Attorney is a lawyer who understands the sensitive nature of sex crime charges and strives to assist clients and their families compassionately and respectfully after they've been accused of or charged with these types of criminal offenses. Richard D.C. Schrade, Jr., Attorney knows that sex crimes can range from minor misdemeanors to violent felonies, and is prepared to defend against your charges, no matter how severe they may be.

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